Bernarda Korez

University of Maribor Library

Jerneja Grašič

University of Maribor Library

Social responsibility in academic communication

Bernarda Korez, Jerneja Grašič

14 September 2023
Session 3 ‣ Poster session
14:30 – 15:30

Modern electronic publishing enables faster and easier access to information and scientific publications like never before. Unfortunately, misleading publishing practices are also adapting and are getting harder to identify. It is not only the publication in these journals and publishers that is questionable but also the citation of these sources. We find that such unverified and unreviewed scientific publications can negatively impact the entire society. Unfortunately, even at the University of Maribor, we are seeing an increase in the use and adoption of such sources. As a result, the University of Maribor Library has prepared a private list of predatory publishers according to our own criteria, we give lectures, create LibGuides, and a public list of open access sources. We also give advice on checking journals, publishers, and conferences. This includes both students, who should be cautious in the selection and use of sources, as well as lecturers and researchers, who should be careful not just in the selection and use of sources but also in the selection of the journals in which they will publish. The very process of submitting the final student theses to the institutional repository includes  content similarity detection. Content similarity detection is also available to any University of Maribor researcher who wants to double-check their article before publication. Our practices of raising awareness about unverifiable sources will be presented in more detail on the poster.