About pubmet

We welcome you to take part in PUBMET2023! Join us to discuss the plurality of approaches to scholarly communication, scholarly publishing and assessment.

Held from 14 to 15 September 2023 with a pre-conference day on 13 September 2023 scheduled for workshops, the conference will present innovative approaches, best practice discussions and take on future challenges.

The organizers aim to maintain lively discussion among experts from various fields involved in scholarly publishing and dissemination of knowledge. The field of scholarly communication, scholarly publishing and research assessment includes all disciplines and a variety of skills: researchers from different disciplines, information specialists and librarians, editors, publishers, teachers, students, policy makers, communication specialists, repository managers and university administrators.


This year’s conference topics are focused, but not limited to recent challenges in scholarly communication:

  • The brave “new” world of institutional publishing – Open Access publishing affordable for authors/institutions and service providers
  • The growing importance of libraries in the Open Access and Open Science era
  • Research efficiency, effectiveness and performance in the light of the Reform of the Research Assessment 
  • Open peer review: models and benefits 
  • Responsibility, ethics and inclusiveness in research and publishing 
  • Role of open science infrastructure in enabling Open Science 
  • FAIR principles and digital objects
  • Artificial intelligence in scholarly communication 
  • Training, education, awareness-raising and building capacity for Open Science
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability in scholarly communication
All topics will be presented by invited speakers and in shorter presentations by registered speakers. The conference also includes workshops, poster sessions and panel discussions.