Luca de Santis

Net7 Srl

FAIR as a journey: lessons learned and takeaways from building the GoTriple Discovery Platform for SSH

14 September 2023
Session 4 ‣ Open science in action
15:30 – 17:15

The TRIPLE project ran from October 2019 to March 2023: its main outcome has been the GoTriple discovery platform – – which allows users to search and find documents, projects, authors and researchers’ profiles, all related to the Social Sciences and Humanities domain (SSH). GoTriple harvests documents and projects metadata from over 1300 sources, published from repositories of research institutes (including Croatia’s HRČAK) and big aggregators, like Isidore, BASE or OpenAIRE.

Luca has been actively involved in GoTriple’s implementation, first designing and managing the development of the metadata harvesting and processing platform SCRE and later becoming the technical director of the whole TRIPLE project.

Being compatible with the FAIR principles has been one of the main goals of TRIPLE but doing everything right at the first shot is hard. In his speech, Luca will present the experiences done in the project regarding the respect of FAIR in representing the digital assets of GoTriple: he will talk about the things that were done right from the start, those which were adjusted “along the way”, without hiding the weak spots that, with the benefit of hindsight, could have been managed differently.

This presentatin will serve on the one hand to showcase some of the TRIPLE’s valuable contributions in terms of FAIR, that can be reused by other SSH related initiatives; on the other hand it will hopefully provide some useful suggestions on how to improve in general metadata FAIRness.