Rachel Martin


Rachel Martin is the Global Director of Sustainability at Elsevier, where she is driving transformational change in the priority areas of sustainability and SDGs, with a focus on climate action. In 2020, this resulted in the launch of the Elsevier report “The Power of Data to Advance the SDGs” and the launch of Elsevier’s Climate Action program which she oversees. Since joining Elsevier in 2010, she has held various communications positions with a focus on policy and advocacy. Additionally, she has worked as a strategic communication advisor on industry initiatives such as CHORUS, CLOCKKS and the Accessible Books Consortium. Rachel is also part of the team that launched the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact and the SDG Book Club that has included supporting local chapters in Africa, Portugal, Brazil, Germany and in the Netherlands. Rachel represents Elsevier on several industry sustainability committees and is currently chair of the STM Social Responsibility Committee and UK Book Industry Communications (BIC) Green Supply Chain committee. In 2022, Rachel is also the co-founder of the Publishing 2030 Accelerator working on a carbon label prototype.