Dubravko Penezić

SRCE - University Computing Centre in Zagreb

GitLab: How to use a famous collaborative Web application to share your data and program code inside your team

Dubravko Penezić

13 September 2023
Workshop #1 
12:00 – 14:00

The git project is any project (set of information) that is managed in a way that all history of change is saved in time using any implementation of git program solutions.

The workshop will cover basic work procedures in the GitLab WEB interface connected to the git project life cycles from initialize to teamwork on the project including project planning using issues and issues board.

Additionally, it will show how to connect your local git repository with the GitLab service, and how to share it with other people.

The workshop will slightly cover the license issue, and we will use some creative examples to simplify the learning experience.

No special knowledge of programming or project implementation is needed.