Milan Vukić

University of East Sarajevo & Opus Journal

Opus JMS: The Diamond Cut

Milan Vukić

13 September 2023
Sponsor workshop
14:00 – 15:00

Opus Journal is a publishing technology and service provider with a focus on enhancing and improving publishers’ content and workflows. It offers scale, flexibility, efficiency, support, and discoverability previously only available to the largest commercial publishers.

Our goal is to assist publishers, and that is why we have created the Opus Journal Management System. The main idea behind developing Opus JMS was to allow publishers to fully focus on the quality of content, while leaving technical challenges to be resolved by our system. This way, publishers can concentrate on their core expertise, and there is no risk of smaller publishers being left behind and unable to compete in the technical sphere.

Opus JMS is a solution designed to empower open–access publishers with cutting–edge technology to efficiently manage their journals and enhance the publishing experience. It supports the end-to-end editorial and production processes involved in running a scholarly journal. Much like a radiant-cut diamond crafted for brilliance and optimal light reflection, Opus JMS shines as a well–crafted platform that perfectly matches technology to the evolving needs of scholarly publishers of all sizes.  To achieve just that we designed Opus from ground up to allow for customization of workflows, streamlining operations and enhanced efficiency and security.

Opus empowers publishers to enhance the visibility and maximize the value of their publications by leveraging advanced technologies, increasing their overall impact within the academic community and beyond. Finally, one of the key values Opus brings to small and medium publishers is its focus on enhancing the author experience for a competitive edge. 

We welcome you to join us in our PUBMET2023 sponsor workshop, where we will discuss the following aspects of our solution and services:

  • Submission management
  • Editorial workflows
  • Reviewers discovery 
  • Automated manuscript conversion, styling, and typesetting
  • JATS – XML production
  • Proof and output package generation
  • Publishing & Metadata management
  • Final delivery of outputs to third party platforms and services, 
  • Indexing, discoverability and more

Who is the workshop for?

Any and all stakeholders managing or involved in the production workflows for journals are welcome to attend this workshop. Get in touch with us at or visit, and embrace a better way to publish.